Do you have numerous mortgage related queries? Its normal to have questions and we are here to help you. Here are the answers to the most frequently asked questions about mortgages we receive from our clients.

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Why should I choose a mortgage broker instead of going to the bank myself?

Banks have limited ability to provide solutions whereas brokers have access to numerous lenders, which allows them to tailor the best solution irrespective of your financial merit. We help people both with great credit and equity in their homes as well as those who have been declined by banks.

Is there a fee for your service?

We do not charge any fees to evaluate your mortgage needs.

Mortgage brokers are paid by the bank once the mortgage transaction has closed. Sometimes in certain scenarios, where clients don’t meet standard mortgage approval guidelines, lender or broker fees may be charged. However,  all such fees are transparent and disclosed up front.

Is a medical exam required for coverage?

There are many policies out there that do not require a medical exam. Based on the answers you provide regarding the policy’s health questions, the carriers may only require additional information from your doctor

What is a Second Mortgage?

A second mortgage is simply an additional mortgage resgistered against the title of you home. It is also known as Home Equity Loan or Home Equity Line of Credit. These types of loans are registered against the title of your home as a second charge and are all second mortgages.

How are you able to get lower rates than my bank ?

Due to the high volume of business we send to our lender partners , we are given preferred rates. We always pass this onto our clients.

I have bad credit and have been declined by the banks. Can you help me get a mortgage?

Yes, you have come to the right place. If bank has declined your apllication for a mortgage based on your credit qualification  don’t worry, we specialize in getting you approved.  We understand that your credit may not allow you to receive traditional financing from the banks and we use our own resources to get you the financing you require.

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Facing issues in availing a mortgage due to credit issues/stated income problem or because you are a new immigrant to Canada?

At Ashab Khan Mortgage, we  have special programs tailored just to suit your needs.

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Make smarter decisions with our tools and calculators. Keeping in mind that knowledge is power, Ashab Khan Mortgage offers a range of calculators so you can crunch the numbers. Utilizing these tools can help you analyze a variety of variables of a mortgage to assist you in making confident and informed decisions efficiently and quickly, thus arriving at the right fit.