Ashab Khan

Canada’s most trusted mortgage agent and managing partner of Oakpark Mortgage Group,  providing outstanding client service and innovative mortgage products. 


Ashab Khan is a mortgage expert who offers tailored mortgage products and quality financial services. He provides excellent guidance to maximize his clients’ financial portfolio and ensures his clients receive professional advice on qualifying for a mortgage. His mortgage education coupled with 15 years of experience in financial service industry has given him a competitive edge to provide outstanding client service and offer innovative mortgage products.

His mortgage education and almost two decades of experience in  the industry enable him to provide exemplary service to clients and secure perfect mortgage deals. With access to a vast network of over 50 lending institutions, he has all the tools to build a customized mortgage plan with the features and options that meet your needs.

Ashab Khan’s portfolio includes thousands of clients and large deposits of lenders. Understanding a client’s financial situation and position is his forte which in turn equips him to fix the client with the best lender suitable to their needs. He can provide expert guidance on mortgage qualification to a client who has previously been denied mortgage, while strictly maintaining ethical boundaries. He provides personalized financial advisory service to clients seeking mortgage to turn their dream homes into reality.


We are committed to helping clients achieve their financial and homeownership goals. The goal of our business is not to seek the highest profit but to provide oustanding service. We are dedicated to  creating a strong foundation based on integrity.



Our vision is to become the most trusted mortgage brokerage & the most knowledgeable home loan specialists in the industry. We strive to continuously innovate and in turn set a new standard for the industry.


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